Friday, July 31, 2015

O' Scrap

My selected video for August is Formal Focus. Mixed with a classical vibe and stands out as one of my favorite tracks I've done lately. This video features 2 takes of the song and a couple bonus tracks done from the same recording session. (Video at bottom of page.)

This is the SR video series 2015
1. Wilterland
2. Run Away
3. Chaos Sampler
4. Formal Focus (Digital ep)
5. Darkening sorrows (Digital EP)
6. Wounded Souls
7 Awsive Osive
8. Losing Essence (video single)
9. Mondrain=drain (single)
10. Gravity Cycle II
11. The Walrus Man
12. Samplized Madness
13. Drip Drop (remix)
14. Burning Desire
15. Beyond Lost

See them all. Plus my second Youtube channel is equally important with a variety of other features. There's hundreds of recordings I've made that even I've never heard before. That's the point of my Isolation Tank series. Each tank contains a mini cassette worth of tracks. Wazobod has surfaced a couple songs this year also, which is a mock band I made when I was 10 which would be considered as strange as it is funny. 

T shirt logo (dust devil)

T shirt logo (SR)

The reason many of my recordings don't surface is partly because I want them to sound how I want them to. Also finding where they belong as well. I also plan to make an hour long acoustic song this year titled "Isolation Tank" the song unlike the series isn't a mix of tracks but one long video itself. I don't know when it will be done as it has to be done right.

The Storm Seizure channel has become the compass of my series. It can do almost anything it wants. VS Scrap Rabbit music is strictly music videos. 

 ( The fire images above I see a clown with a mo-hawk, a burning sunflower stem, and a blazing wolf. )

The Formal Focus EP video

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do The Walrus!

The Video of July is "The Walrus Man" it costed $40 to make as an obvious choice. Do the walrus. + features the song Vent Hose. For images from the video see earlier blog.

"Waiting In The Rain" is now available on bandcamp as the single from Energy Storm my second Cd.

 I decided to film a 2015 performance set called "Clinical Madness" with a couple bonus tracks. The only song that didn't make it on the set was Pure Rubbish since I felt one bonus track was enough.

Here's the posters for the set. As I always add art to every era. This little homemade set covers most of my eras.

Also now some of my galleries can be found on flickr. The symbol above I call Razor Chaos. The next evolution. 

Head Confusion live still above.
If you want to help support my band or just want to check out some of my songs visit me at Includes some of my favorites songs such as Good bye, NTGTK, and Dream Sweeper.
Blue (live pic) above
Wearing caution tape and rusty ol' cans on my head.
The Medieval Rabbit Heathen.
Like Knives In A Heart video still
Can you spot the rabbit in the plastic?
Can you spot the angel in the plastic?
Still Waiting.
Another pic
 Another Head Confusion pic
Laser eyes

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ultimate Hits & more

Schrott Kaninchen hat bisher eine große Musik-Karriere. Mit einer Liebe für das Außergewöhnliche.

  In 5 Jahren habe ich hunderte von Bändern, Dutzende von CDs und Hunderte von Videos.

Ich habe ein paar meiner Träume als Musiker gelebt.

In diesem Jahr Ich versuche, durch den Einsatz mehrerer neuer Plattformen für meine Arbeit zu erweitern.

To celebrate 5 years of "Rabbit-Can" I've put together an Ultimate Hits collection available for download.
 It wasn't easy choosing the best songs as there's many favorites that were left off.
Aber diese 21 Songs waren einige der bedeutendsten Punkte so weit.

Mit Qualität Touch-ups und sorgfältig Anordnungen durchdacht ich glaube, es ist es wert, sie zu nennen meine ultimative Hits. Unten ist eine andere Abdeckung, die nicht verwendet wurde.

But these 21 songs were some of the most meaningful points thus far.


Also from my vimeo set some 300 videos made this year that were basically experimental tracks. For instance Key-flow Which contains samples from my Entity cover. 

There's been a lot of new stuff coming out this year on Youtube, vimeo, flickr, bandcamp, and of course here on blogspot. So it's really tough to even keep up as a spectator.  That's why I tend to repeat my path.

None of these tracks were even played from the B-Series I made earlier.

The Collecting Tank (rare tracks)
The Chamber Rage (strange tracks)
Official Bootlegs (bootleg tracks)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Origin Blank

My Storm Seizure channel features several EP's with rare songs, like "Colors Of Sorrow" can now be heard as one full set with a light show throughout, and a series of albums called "the Isolation Tank series" have also been made..

Mine Main Channel

The video for June is "Gravity Cycle II" from the Dream Dimension era. I'll tell you a little about the video. I made some Scrap Rabbit vinyl to spin for the video. I also did some gravity spinners which appear at the end..

Also I picked out "Agitate" as the bonus feature with effects of dripping rain and blacktop frost.  Though it covers a range of effects to fill the void that the set needed. So it's another brick to cover the wall of Rabbit Can with my graffiti style music.